Coffee House to Go

25Add a touch of class and sophistication to your next event with an authentic Italian espresso bar from Sufficient Grounds.  We provide espresso bar catering to the Central Arkansas area for companies, caterers, hotels and private clients. Your guests will enjoy unlimited trips to the espresso bar for the cappuccino or caffé latte of their choice, created by our trained baristas.

Hot Drinks
Cappuccino Espresso “capped” with hot, foamy milk
Caffé Latte Espresso with smooth, hot, steamed milk
Espresso The classic Italian “caffé”
Macchiato An espresso “spotted” with a dollop of hot, foamy milk
Cioccolato Italiano A rich Italian hot chocolate mixed with steamed milk and a dollop of whipped cream
Steamer Steamed, hot milk, usually served with a syrup
Iced Drinks
Espresso, milk, choice of syrup (or sweetener)
Iced Coffee Above contents poured over ice
Frozen Lattes Above contents blended with ice

Smoothie Bar
Our smoothies are refreshing and healthy because they are made with 100% crushed fruit sweetened with juice, no corn syrup. They are 100% fat free.

To ensure a professional espresso bar experience, we provide:
High-quality Italian espresso machines
Italian espresso, regular and decaffeinated
Knowledgeable baristas/servers
Filtered water
Milk, sweeteners, syrups
Disposable cups, lids, napkins, stirrers available upon request (no additional charge)

Things to Know
All water, ice, cups, condiments and other supplies along with unlimited beverage service are included. Our simple, flat-fee pricing means that guests are free to have as many beverages as they would like. The Java Bar is 100% self contained. The power requirement is normal household current (110-volts). Our mobile espresso bar is specially made to fit in lobbies, meeting rooms, living rooms, patios, and reception areas. The bar requires only a 6ft x 6ft area preferably against a wall or other barrier. The bar does not require a water hookup or drain.